Meet the Granddaddy of all Beers
The old new drink originally from Egypt more than 1000 years old

The Wealth of Health

Fermentation not only adds probiotics, digestive enzymes and electrolytes, it also consumes all of the natural sugars while making its own health giving postbiotics.

The specific  process of lacto-fermentation creates a unique combination of vitamins and minerals that have a stimulating effect on the body.

Fermented drinks are rich in vitamin B, B2, PP and improves the metabolism by introducing a healthy intestinal flora. It stimulates cell exchange and its revitalizing action improves performance, resistance to infections and increases vitality.

Brussels Kvas has 3 times less calorie than in 1 apple!!!

Brussels Kvas  has 10 times less sugar than in Coca-Cola!!!

Non pasteurized! 

It's alive, fermentation still continues in a bottle. If you consume kvas right away, it will be sweet and slightly sparkling. As it continues to ferment in your fridge, your kvas will become dry and sparkling! 

In Tradition We Trust

Fermentation is as old as life itself. 

For thousands of years, people have exploited the fermentation process. The earliest evidence of a fermented drink, made from fruit, rice and honey, dates from 7000 to 6600 BC. The fermented drink that was recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt, which nowadays is being referred to as the Early Beer, was actually kvass. Kvass became the most popular among Slavs, it has been a common drink in Eastern Europe since at least the Middle Ages.

The word kvass is derived from Old Church Slavonic квасъ from Proto-Slavic *kvasъ ('leaven', 'fermented drink') and ultimately from Proto-Indo-European base kwat. Commonly it is made from rye bread, but could also be done from barley, vegetables and fruits.

Our desire was to create a new, unique beverage based on best ancient recipes, combined with a centuries-old expertise of Belgian brewers using modern technology and still keeping it free of chemical supplements.

Totally handmade product

Each bottle was touched by a human hand

We brew our kvas on a small scale, using traditional technique of fermentation. The complete  process is manual, We put a lot of love and passion in each batch. 

Fermentation is a living process, it depends on different criteria that is why each batch is a little different, each batch is unique.

What is the taste like?

Here are some testimonials from food experts and journalists: 

"Tried this lovely low alcohol drink Brussels Kvas! Brewed using rye and barley to an ancient recipe which goes back to Egyptian time. Very refreshing and naturally low in alcohol."  - Simon Vernon, Food Professional UK

"Brussels Kvas is naturally fermented drink, got plenty of depth and is slightly effervescent like a really good kombucha. We tried it @IFE and it is delicious." - Lisa Harris @ Alexandra Hayes, Food Consultants, UK

"Son goût rappelle celui d'une bière blonde mais plus doux, sans être trop sucré pour autant. Difficile de trouver un élément de comparaison familier, mais c'est pétillant, frais, et  désaltérant. L'expérience est concluante!" - Matthias Bertrand, Journaliste

"A refreshing and bracing savory, slightly citrusy taste with a hint of pomegranate." - Igor, Brussels Kvas

But of course, the best practice is to taste it for yourself!